From California to NYC & BERLIN

Refugee band in phone booth

As a young Artist, Barbara moved from California, to NYC, where she played in famous clubs such as CBGB's and Maxes Kansas City. Then moving to Berlin, Germany where she recorded in the Renown Hansa Studios.


Worship Leader

Barbara has used her gifts and talents as a Worship Leader after returning to America and finding her faith in God. She has an amazing ability to flow Spontaneous in Worship and is also gifted as a speaker. Her heart is for the Nations to see all come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.


This is My Dream

Music Video was filmed on Skid Row in Los Angeles, CA. It depicts the plight of the homeless and brings to light how we can help. The Song and Music were written by Barbara, Filmed and Produced by Shanda Renee.

Spontaneous Songs

Spontaneous Worship

Barbara has an amazing ability to capture the moment in a song. This unique gift is used in settings of Worship and even on the streets, parks and where ever she goes.

Her lastest Band, Prophetikos is comprised of musicians who flow together Prophetically, with spontaneous Songs and Sounds.

Song Writing

Gifted as a songwriter and a Psalmist, Barbara's songs cover a wide variety of subjects and Genre's from Contemporary Christian, Rock and Country to Healing Worship and Alternative, each carries a unique signature of her sound.